The Problem

Most large media sources in Honduras are controlled by members of the elite. This often means that the media does not report on cases in which high level officials or other powerful people are involved in corruption. In addition, these media sources generally do not carry out in-depth investigations on topics like poverty and criminality.

Our Approach

Revistazo is an online news source whose name is a play on words meaning both "another look" and a "big magazine." Revistazo is dedicated to carrying out in-depth investigative journalism on cases and issues that are commonly censured in the traditional media. The magazine serves as a source of information cited by the traditional mass media and as an alternative for the public, tired of a media controlled by groups of power. Through its publications, Revistazo works to motivate fair legal action and structural changes, and AJS has found Revistazo to be an indispensable tool in it's work for justice in Honduras.

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