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"There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear." I John 4:18
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"I was moved and inspired by the dedication, tenacity, imagination,
and courage displayed by the staff and leadership of AJS."

-Author and Philosopher Dr. Nicholas Wolterstorff

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Stories of Brave Christians

An AJS-led coalition of Brave Christians - Onan (far right) - pray at Honduras' Supreme Court for an Attorney General who is "competent, diligent, independent, and brave."

We want a deep change in our country… a person who responds to our longing for justice," we prayed during the Attorney General selection process. 

From the Justice Journal

I wish you could hear the rain crashing down on my tin roof right now. It’s the first time it's rained for months and the wild noise makes me so happy – a sign that brown landscapes, smoky skies and relentless heat are coming to an end. Rain here brings renewal – and feels like the perfect way to celebrate moving from a difficult season into a season of renewal in Honduras.

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