When Nelsy’s not working or studying community development in college, she leads one of APJ’s regional youth chapters. Nelsy’s journey toward justice is an example of how AJS can inspire people to recognize opportunities for change in their community – and take action.

Omar Rivera speaks on the work of the police commission - "We knew that what we were doing was planting a seed that would have incredible fruit – peace and safety for more than eight million people. As we in the Commission and at AJS continue in this work, we hope that people around the world will be encouraged and challenged to get close to the problems in their own environments."

security 101 training

"It’s true that young people are the future, but our work should start now," says college senior Bianka Cabrera, sharing how she's being part of the solution in Honduras.  

omar rivera with a graduate of the security 101 training

In Honduras, violent crimes often go unreported because of fear of retaliation, because of a lack of trust in the judicial system, but also because the system is complicated, intimidating, and difficult to understand. Security 101 teaches leaders of civil society both how to reduce their risks for crime and what to do if crimes do happen. They are taught to navigate the current judicial system, but also to observe it and mobilize people to pressure the government to be more effective.

Police Purge commission

Yesterday, the Police Purging Commission met with the Attorney General to deliver 144 criminal cases, implicating 455 police officers with crimes ranging from theft to extortion to assassination.

police officers

The members of the Police Purging Commission have a bigger vision for the police than just removing corrupt officers. They see this as a rare chance to create a better-organized, more-transparent, and more-trustworthy force.

AJS's new study on the prosecution of public corruption in Honduras illustrates the need for improvement in the way corruption is tried

honduran police

The Commission’s work removing corrupt officers from the police work is historic, and has huge implications for the future of Honduras’ police. With careful reviews and steady monitoring, there is hope that the police force will become trustworthy, and can at last deliver the public security that Hondurans so need.

police commission

In just 40 days of service, the Special Commission for the Purging and Transformation of the Police Force has made dramatic advances towards ridding the National Police force of its “bad apples”.


Omar Rivera is selected as one of three Honduran citizens to lead reforms


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