AJS Launches Capital Campaign for New Building

We are so excited to announce that we have begun the fundraising process for a new home for AJS.

We've occupied the same cramped quarters for the past 15 years, even as our staff has grown from around 30 to over 130. Our current space hinders our ability to do our work and facilitate collaboration with others. After a substantial time of prayer, deliberation, and consultation with expert advisors, we believe that the time is right to build a new space that more adequately supports the work, part­nerships, and influence of AJS.

You have been an essential part in bringing us to this point, and we invite you to continue your journey with us by visiting the website below. There, you can learn more about our vision for the new building, read stories that illustrate our need, and consider a donation to help make our dreams for peace and justice in Honduras a reality.


Thank you in advance for your support of continuing to build hope and grow justice in Honduras!



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Your generous donation will support work for justice in Honduras

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From the Justice Journal

"How to Solve a Murder in Honduras," a special series from AJS that tells the story of how criminal investigators, lawyers, police officers, psychologists, information analysts, and victims are working together to end violence in Honduras.


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