Building Hope, Growing Justice

For over 20 years, AJS has worked to reduce violence and make systems stronger in Honduras. Now we're looking forward to the next step of our story - a secure, modest home for justice that will be a symbol of our hope that through our prayers, our dreams, and our work, we can bring about a more just society here in Honduras.

Come behind-the-scenes with us in this timeline as we celebrate God's faithfulness. We invite you to click on a section of the timeline to dive deeper. Keep coming back to this page to see new events added and watch new building video updates!

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Building construction update video #4

We're excited to bring you our latest building update - our new home of justice in Honduras is starting to look like a complete office! Keep watching to learn how you can celebrate with us in this country which we love and which we are working hard to transform.

Building construction update video #3

Building construction update video #2

Building construction update video #1

Celebrating a new building in Honduras!

Building Hope, Growing Justice Campaign Launch