Solving a murder depends on the close collaboration of brave AJS staff members and police to catch suspects and protect the community and witnesses.


In some of Honduras' most violent cities, AJS is confronting violence one difficult homicide case at a time.

How does AJS prevent and respond to violence in communities in Honduras? Our Peace and Justice team is dedicated to gathering evidence, preparing cases, and ensuring victims and witnesses have the emotional support they need. Since 2005, we have touched over 700 lives through the close cooperation of criminal investigators, lawyers, police officers, psychologists, information analysts, and victims and witnesses. In this special series from AJS, you will hear from some of these key players who are solving murders and bringing hope to families in Honduras. We hope their stories will encourage you that justice is possible when we follow God's lead and help you connect to the individual lives affected by this work. 



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Published September 12, 2018