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Peace and Public Security

  • $60 pays for one week of transportation for criminal investigators to investigate a homicide or sexual assault
  • $180 pays for three months of psychological counseling session for a victim of violent crime
  • $2,000 pays for a three-day "Security 101" workshop for 20 community leaders, teaching them how to navigate the Honduran justice system
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  • $100 pays for the investigation and publication of one online magazine article uncovering corruption
  • $750 pays for one press conference to publicize a corruption investigation and call for action
  • $1,200 pays for social auditing in a community to guarantee that teachers in the public schools are attending classes 
  • $1,500 pays for AJS to hold trainings for public prosecutors in how to respond to cases of public corruption
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Your generous donation will support work for justice in Honduras

From the Justice Journal

A new headquarters will help AJS as we work to end corruption and violence, bringing hope and justice to Honduras.


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