Pray with Jo Ann Van Engen, AJS Co-Founder, as she reflects on the migrant caravan walking north and the renewal of systems in Honduras.

with their diploma

In a new partnership with the Catholic Church in Honduras, AJS is training dozens of parents how to strengthen family ties, how to teach values, and ideas for properly administrating discipline.

women study their literacy homework

Sometimes AJS’s work in communities leads to opportunities to provide services beyond our regular programs, like this literacy class that a volunteer holds in one of AJS’s target communities. In this story, she shares about an indomitable woman who overcame the idea that she was too old to learn and learned to sign her name for the first time. 

Juan David is a 12-year-old who doesn't have it easy and is a participant in AJS's Youth Impact program — and he wants to wish you a merry Christmas!

Meet Migdalia and Lissy, two members of AJS' at-risk youth Impact groups. 

AJS counselors help parents and children to stop violence before it starts. 

AJS mentors have helped 20-year-old Sayra transform from an at-risk youth to an inspiration for others. 

Joel and his family worked with AJS counselors to to bring him back from the brink of life on the streets. 

Emilio was a member of an at-risk youth Impact club, and now he wants to help others make changes in their lives too. 

15-year old Karla is a member of an AJS-supported club for at-risk youth called Impact. Her life has been transformed by support from her AJS mentor, Betsabe. 


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"How to Solve a Murder in Honduras," a special series from AJS that tells the story of how criminal investigators, lawyers, police officers, psychologists, information analysts, and victims are working together to end violence in Honduras.


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