Beyond giving, one of the most important ways in which supporters of the Association for a More Just Society can join our work is through the various advocacy campaigns that we periodically launch. These efforts target those who are holding key positions of influence and power, requesting tangible changes and action that will help further our work towards justice in Honduras.

Past Campaigns:

  • Major revelations emerged in the spring of 2016 connecting the Honduran police to assassinations of leaders of the Honduran government's anti-drug trafficking agency. Soon after this revelation, AJS's Omar Rivera was named to a commission to clean and reform the police. AJS asked supporters outside of Honduras to help provide international pressure on Honduran authorities to support the essential reform work of this commission.

  • When an unprecidented number of unaccompanied children begain migrating from Honduras and other Central American countries to the United States in 2014, AJS assembled a collection of resources on issue, including a sample letter for government representatives.

  • The case of murdered AJS lawyer Dionisio Garcia Díaz, whose killers were set free after years of painstaking work to bring them to justice

  • The Honduran Peace and Justice campaign focused on reforming Honduras’ public security and justice systems through prayer and advocacy for better Honduran policies and improved U.S. practices of providing aid to these systems in Honduras


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