Honduras Factsheets

Learn more about current challenges facing Honduras and how violence and corruption have impacted the country.

Honduras migration (NBC news image).pngWhy are Hondurans Immigrating?

Thousands of Hondurans have fled in search of a better life because of the violence and corruption that destroys lives and livelihoods.





Honduras violence.pngWhy is Honduras so Violent?

Honduras has become known as one of the most violent countries in the world, largely because of impunity, gangs, drugs, poverty, and corruption.





Honduras homicide.pngHomicides in Honduras

In 2011, Honduras became known as the murder capital of the world because of it's homicide rate, a marker of just how violent the country is.





Honduras corruption.pngCorruption in Honduras

Corruption runs rampant in Honduras, as an unjust use of power leaves an impact of all of society.





Honduras view.pngPreparing for your Missions Trip to Honduras

A summary of Honduras' history and current challenges to help prepare to serve in Honduras


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