stories of hope

Stories of Hope

What do we mean when we say that we have HOPE for Honduras? Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring what it means to have hope in the face of difficulties, looking at the words and reflection of staff who are devoting their lives to peace and justice in Honduras. We can point to encouraging numbers, stories, and statistics, but the real reason for our hope lies deeper -- we are serving the God of Hope who we trust to bless our work. Follow these updates and stories to learn more about what gives us hope!


AJS’s Peace and Justice Project enters into complex and dangerous situations. They reach out to the families of homicide victims and offer a listening ear, as well as help filing a police report, facilitating investigation, and accompanying witnesses through the process of giving testimony. It is this personal interaction that can make the difference between a conviction, and another murderer let to go free. Read more about how this work is leading to convictions - and safer streets


bienvenida_title.jpg Bienvenida's life changed forever when she received a land title, allowing for investment and improvement on her house, and greater financial security. Supporting individuals in applying for titles is one way AJS works with the Honduran government to ensure transparency in the land titling process and provide security for thousands of Honduran families like Bienvenida's. Read more about this story of hope.


29384997441_c611222f4c_h (2).jpg  AJS staff member Kate Parsons, who works in Honduras, reflects on the hope she sees in the office. "While the hope that my coworkers have is certainly buoyed by their optimism, it isn’t dependent on it. It’s rooted in their faith that this world is not as it was created to be; and more than that, it is not as it could be, if we Christians lived out our call to do justice for the poor and oppressed." Read more about the reasons for this hope.


Prayers of Hope

In this holiday season, we want to invite you to thank God with us for the reasons we have to hope – and to pray in hope for changes we still want to see. 

prayer_square.jpgFollow along with us over the next few weeks as we share situations in which hope, and prayer, is necessary. Whatever the situation, we believe that God has called us to this work, and God will help us to complete it. This is the reason for the hope that we have! Pray for hope with us here.  



Gifts of Hope

Consider joining with AJS this holiday season by giving a gift to support our work. Your gift goes a long way towards creating peace and justice in Honduras! 


Read here some ideas of the impact your donation can make through AJS’s work, from a single counseling session to a newsmaking press conference. Donate here, and step out with us in hope. 


Your generous donation will support work for justice in Honduras

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