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Purging and Transformation of the National Police Force: Context, Progress, and a Vision for the Future

honduran police

AJS-Honduras Executive Director, Carlos Hernández, reflects on what it means to love beyond fear in his personal and professional life. 

Building Hope, Growing Justice

For over 20 years, AJS has worked to reduce violence and make systems stronger in Honduras. Now we're looking forward to the next step of our story - a secure, modest home for justice that will be a symbol of our hope that through our prayers, our dreams, and our work, we can bring about a more just society here in Honduras.

Join us in thanking God for answered prayers!

Video: Learn how AJS's homicide prevention programs started. 

honduran community where violence and homicides are high

AJS began training community auditors in 2016, and thanks to the tireless work of volunteers like Keybi, have already seen measurable change in the public schools and health centers where they work.


Jill (VanBeek) Stoltzfus, AJS Executive Director, reflects on the hope of justice healing Honduras.

On November 29th, 2018, seven men were convicted of murdering Honduran activist Berta Cáceres. We're looking back at the history of the case, as well as the causes Cáceres stood for during her life. 

AJS released a new online tool that allows anyone to discover the real owners behind businesses. Investigations made using this tool have uncovered corruption in solar energy contracts, and fraud in public contracting, evidence that AJS was able to bring to light.

press conference about open businesses


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The New York Times published an opinion piece by Sonia Nazario, Pulitzer Prize winning author and also our good friend, about the problems facing Honduras. For those of us who love Honduras, it is not an easy read - but we have seen change and we remain hopeful.