This month, AJS presented its baseline study and institutional diagnosis of the Honduran Secretary of Health. The technical report was the result of nearly a year of evaluations and audit, and will help initiate reforms that will improve health care for all of Hondurans.

The principal table at the presentation of the report

A small group of people is transforming health in Honduras. Members of Transformemos Honduras and employees of the Association for a More Just society are saving lives through their expertise in transparency, accountability, and the efficiency of public systems, doing the difficult work of getting the Honduran Health system to work for its people.

TH volunteers oversee medicine distribution

This short documentary tells the tragic story of a young girl's murder, and the investigation that sent her killer to jail. 

Yesterday, the Police Purging Commission met with the Attorney General to deliver 144 criminal cases, implicating 455 police officers with crimes ranging from theft to extortion to assassination.

Police Purge commission

The members of the Police Purging Commission have a bigger vision for the police than just removing corrupt officers. They see this as a rare chance to create a better-organized, more-transparent, and more-trustworthy force.

police officers

AJS-led workshops train community leaders to audit and oversee their own local health centers.

community auditors

A Christian anti-corruption organization may seem like a strange combination, but the Bible speaks out very clearly against those who "tip the scales."

New York Times feature by Sonia Nazario credits programs like AJS with reduction of violence in Honduras.

NYT feature

Take two minutes to get to know the work of AJS in Honduras.

AJS's new study on the prosecution of public corruption in Honduras illustrates the need for improvement in the way corruption is tried


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"How to Solve a Murder in Honduras," a special series from AJS that tells the story of how criminal investigators, lawyers, police officers, psychologists, information analysts, and victims are working together to end violence in Honduras.