Learn more about some of the biggest issues facing Honduras, about how to serve well in Honduras, and about what it means to do justice.

Honduras and Immigration

What is causing so many Hondurans to migrate? Violence and corruption are one of the main causes of insecurity and forcing many to leave their home in search of safety elsewhere. Learn more. 

Violence in Honduras

Why is Honduras one of the most violent countries in the world? Problems such as gang activity, drug trafficking, impunity, and corruption have created a cycle of violence. Learn more. 

Corruption in Honduras

What is the effect of corruption in Honduras? Honduras is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, but reports in recent years show significant improvements in bringing corruption to light. Learn more. 

Honduras' High Homicide Rate

Honduras’ homicide rate is eight times higher than the United States average and eight times higher than global averages. But significant progress has already been made. Learn more.

Preparing for your
Missions Trip in Honduras

Will you be visiting Honduras on a service trip? Check out this background information on the challenges facing Honduras today. Learn more. 

Christians and Justice

What does the Bible have to say about doing justice? The Bible shows that doing justice is an important part of our calling as Christians. Learn more.