August Prayer Update

"Unfailing love and truth have met together. Righteousness and peace have kissed!" Psalm 85:10

At AJS, we are inspired by the Bible to hold a restorative vision of justice. This kind of justice does not just ask for the punishment of wrongdoings; it seeks the transformation – the healing – of society. For years, Honduras’ public health system has exemplified brokenness instead of restoration. Powerful officials stole money meant for purchasing medicines, which meant sick Hondurans didn’t have access to the care they needed. When medicines were available, they were outrageously expensive or lacked essential ingredients. Seeking the restoration of justice to the health sector, AJS started Transformemos Honduras, a coalition of churches and development organizations, in 2010. Since then, we have diligently advocated for transparency and improvement in this vital government service.

This month, the President of Honduras asked Blanca Munguía, coordinator of AJS’s Transformemos Honduras, to serve on a newly-named commission to reform and transform the national health system. We are grateful for this opportunity and as with the police purge commission, we ask for your ceaseless prayers.

Will you pray with us as we continue to seek the healing of broken systems in Honduras?

  • Please pray for this new health reform commission, its effectiveness, and our staff's continued bravery.

  • Praise God that a long-awaited post-election dialogue between Honduras’ main political parties is set to begin. Efforts to make Honduras’ elections more democratic are also ongoing and AJS is advocating for a transparent reform process. Please pray that politicians would put Honduras’ best interests first and that God would use these national conversations to heal wounds of division from Honduras’ 2017 presidential election.

  • Please pray for Honduran families to be strengthened in fearless love. August is “Family Month” in Honduras, a time when we reflect on faithfulness, love and boundaries in churches, schools, and even in AJS office devotionals! Thank God that AJS’s “Strong Families” curriculum has touched over 130 lives and pray that the program would continue to inspire parents and children alike.

  • Please pray for the renewed courage of AJS employees. When U.S. congress members accused a Honduran congressman of links with drug traffickers, he verbally lashed out at AJS’s leaders on television. Praise God for U.S. actions that support the work of civil society and pray for protection as we continue to work for a country where justice prevails.

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