March 2018 Prayer Update

“When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous, but dismay to evildoers.” –Proverbs 21:15

Injustice has a lot to do with structures and systems of power. People who have power, use it to abuse, extort, and oppress. Doing justice in Honduras, or wherever we are in the world, requires looking to positions of power, challenging structures of injustice, and dismantling systems of oppression. This may cause “dismay” to those who previously benefited from unjust systems! It’s difficult work, and we need to be brave. But when we succeed, we see joy in our own lives, and in the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable in Honduras. Will you pray with us?

  • Praise God with us for small victories with a large impact. In one public school in Nueva Suyapa, dedicated community auditors documented nine canceled school days in the first 40 days of class. The presented their report to the school directors, who realized they were being watched and stopped canceling class! In the next 120 days, there were zero canceled classes, ensuring more learning for the hundreds of children who attend the school.
  • Praise God with us for high-profile arrests in Honduras. This week, a former first lady was arrested for embezzlement, and the president of a large energy company was arrested for plotting to kill environmental activist Berta Cáceres. While we don’t rejoice in punishment, we do see this as an encouraging sign that impunity for powerful and wealthy people is beginning to come to an end.
  • Pray with us as we fight against legislation that makes such arrests more difficult – working to reverse damaging laws that hinder the ability of the office of the Attorney General to investigate crimes. We pray for accountability in the highest offices, and for justice in cases of theft and corruption.
  • Pray with us for the ongoing healing process after the November election. AJS has helped to found a new citizen platform designed to facilitate dialogue with political leaders from across the political aisle. Pray for practical, productive, and unified conversations that lead to real solutions.

Que Dios les bendiga,

AJS Staff

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AJS began confronting community violence with a single investigator and a single lawyer, both of whom acted as trusted bridges between victims of violence and the judicial system, helping victims navigate the complicated path to justice. Individuals may not have trusted the police, but they grew to trust AJS, who knew them personally, supported them with emergency needs, and even prayed alongside them.


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