Thank you for your prayers covering the Honduran election! Preliminary ballot counts shows Salvador Nasralla with a 5-point lead over the incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernández, but both candidates have declared victory, and we are still awaiting official results. We appreciate your continued prayers over the unfolding situation.


  • There were no major incidences of violence on Election Day, and millions of Hondurans turned out peacefully to vote. The day after, thousands took to the street in peaceful rallies.
  • The apparent victory of an opposition candidate speaks strongly of Honduran democracy – Nasralla’s election would mark the end of a century-old two-party system

Prayer requests:

  • The delay in official results is worrisome and the country is tense as two political parties simultaneously celebrate victory. Pray for transparency and accountability in the Electoral Tribunal as they tally the final votes.
  • With tensions high, rumors and misinformation spread easily and contribute to an environment of fear. Pray for calm heads and hearts.
  • The Electoral Tribunal has promised to give results before Thursday. When this is announced, it could lead to conflict. Pray for political leaders to accept the verified results of the election and for a peaceful transition of power.

We should have a better idea of the political situation and an official announcement of the presidential winner in the next few days. Until then we welcome your prayers as we at AJS continue our work to strengthen the country of Honduras.

Gracias y que Dios le bendiga

AJS Staff

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