Jill (VanBeek) Stoltzfus, AJS Executive Director, reflects on the hope of justice healing Honduras.

"What has also struck me about [AJS] is their imagination: they imagine new ways of prodding and assisting the government to do what it should be doing, new ways of standing alongside victims," wrote philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff after one of his visits to Honduras to observe the work of AJS.

In continuing corruption investigations into Honduran department of health, AJS revealed $1 million of wasted HIV meds

2014 was a year like no other for AJS

AJS exposes corruption in government medication purchases and works for change. 

In a ground breaking move AJS’ Advocacy and Legal Advice Center in partnership with the Special Prosecutor for Corruption brought abuse of authority charges against the administrator of the central public medicine warehouse. 

"State of emergency" issued by Honduras' Health Ministry resulted in the loss of $1.5 billion, and goes to line the pockets of Honduras' corrupt.

TH, in a major press conference, revealed evidence of widespread and costly corruption in Honduras' Health Ministry, and called for serious change

How the vice president of the Honduran Congress was arrested following AJS investigations and calls for justice


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