In the Election of the Attorney General, Christians “Cry Out for Honduras”

  • June 28, 2018

“I want to see the church tear down barriers… and be an authoritative influence in society and on political figures to bless this country that so needs it.” –Kenia Flores, member of “Brave Christians”

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-20 at 4.14.21 PM.jpegThe desire for a more just Honduras brought 400 people together to pray for the upcoming election of the Attorney General. This event, called “Cry Out for Honduras; an Attorney General that Honduras Deserves,” was part of a series of other events and prayer meetings organized by “Brave Christians”, a group formed by AJS to raise awareness about the importance of a strong and efficient attorney general. That afternoon, young people and adults prayed passionately about this election, praying that the Lord’s will be done on earth – and in Honduras – as it is in heaven, and that a just and honorable man or woman be chosen to fill this important role in Honduras.

What does the Attorney General do and why is the election so important?

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The Attorney General’s role is to defend the people of Honduras. The man or woman in this position directs the office that leads investigations of organized crime, corruption, and gang violence, and has authority to prioritize what to investigate. This person has the responsibility to bring justice to Hondurans, which includes leading investigations on people no matter their social class, power, or background. In a country that favors the rich and powerful and has high levels of corruption and crime, the selection of a brave, just, and independent Attorney General is essential to promoting justice in Honduras.

In order to select an Attorney General, a Nominating Committee made up of politicians and members of civil society reviews everyone who has applied for the position. This committee selects five names and presents them to Congress, which then elects the Attorney General and the deputy Attorney General. This process has been easily corrupted in the past, as both the Nominating Committee and members of Congress have accepted bribes or voted in their own interest, rather than in that of the country.

Brave Christians in Action

However, during this selection process, Hondurans have made their voices heard. Throughout May and June, the group of “Brave Christians” has led weekly prayer sessions on radio shows and has gathered at the Supreme Court and National Congress to publicly pray and worship. Part of this movement included presenting a letter to the Nominating Committee and members of Congress, which outlines their expectations for the new attorney general:

We believe that the role of the Attorney General is essential in order to confront crime and corruption in Honduras” their letter read, “We want to ensure that the office of the Attorney General complies with its constitutional mandate to represent society’s interests, and to investigate and prosecute those who break the law through illicit actions.

“We demand that the Attorney General selected be the man or woman that the country deserves, someone who pleases God, who is respectable, competent, diligent, independent, and brave, a person committed to lead the fight to reverse the impunity that for so long has damaged the country of Honduras.”

Kenia speaks at a Brave Christians rallyChristians in Honduras are dedicated to praying ceaselessly for the outcome of this election, longing for justice and a change in their country. As they respond to important political decisions like this one, their voices can influence society. Kenia Flores (left), one of the young adults involved in this movement, comments that her participation in these events with Brave Christians changed my way of thinking regarding politics.”We should be part of the changes during this time and our way of serving God should also be reflected in serving society.”

She says that, as Christians, “we believe in the truths of God’s Word that should govern politicians and those who represent us. We should hold these people responsible like the prophets declared the Scriptures to the kings and corrected their actions.”

Within these last weeks, AJS has seen the power of this advocacy and prayer. God is at work in Honduras through the work of AJS and Brave Christians. With Him, and through Him, we can work towards a more just society.

This article was written by Allison Bassett, public relations intern for AJS in Honduras. Allison is studying communications and anthropology at Wheaton College.

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