Youth Share Prayer and Advocacy Letter with the Honduran National Congress

  • May 24, 2018

Early in the morning, more than seventy youth, pastors, and staff members of AJS gathered on the steps of the Honduran Supreme Court to meet with the committee responsible for naming the finalists for Honduras’ Attorney General. After an extended time of prayer, the youth read the following letter, demanding a transparent process and quality candidates.

Esteemed members of parliament,

As pastors, youth, and leaders of diverse Honduran churches who love our country and want to respond to God’s call to be brave Christians and advocate in the important decisions that generate well-being in the country, we express the following regarding the process of the election of the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General:

  1. We recognize that our beloved Honduras, rich in natural and cultural resources, has suffered from corruption, drug trafficking, and violence. We do not accept that this continues to happen in the future, and so we want to do everything possible to change this regrettable situation so that our country can reflect God’s desires for his people.
  2. The desire of criminal groups and corrupt networks to co-opt the selection process for the next Attorney General worries us enormously. We are well aware that there are strong pressures from groups of political, economic, and criminal power, who intend to name an attorney who is weak, incapable, and easy to manipulate, who will not represent any danger for them and their interest in illicitly enriching themselves. In this sense, we reject this illegal intervention and demand that members of Congress, in this crucial moment for the nation, put first the sacred interests of the country as they designate such an important state official.
  3. We believe that the role of the Attorney General is key in order to confront criminality and corruption in Honduras, and in this way ensure that the office of the Attorney General complies with its constitutional mandate to represent society’s interests and to investigate and prosecute those who break the law through illicit actions. We demand that the Attorney General selected be the man or woman that the country deserves, someone who pleases God, who is respectable, competent, diligent, independent, and brave, a person committed to lead the fight to reverse the impunity that for so long has damaged the country of Honduras.
  4. We ourselves commit to pray without ceasing for a transparent and ethical selection process that does not respond to any external pressure or interest contrary to the mandate of the Attorney General so that whoever is selected can respond to Honduran public’s yearning for justice.
  5. We want a real change for our nation, which is why we feel the obligation to declare and maintain vigilance in this process, which we will accompany through prayer, fasting, intercession, and advocacy, until the selection of the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General that Hondurans deserve, and that God desires.

“Blessed are those who act justly, who always do what is right.” Psalm 106:3

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