Medicine Warehouse Administrator Arrested

  • October 30, 2015

almacenIn March 2013, Let’s Transform Honduras, an anti-corruption coalition of which AJS is a part, published a report on corruption in public medicine warehouses that showed blatant theft of medicines from the public storehouses by top-level warehouse authorities.

This report sparked an investigation by the Honduran government that proved TH’s accusations and more. AJS and the Honduran government proved that the storehouse administrator and others were involved in the theft of at least $85,000 of medication meant to treat Honduras’ poorest people.

In a groundbreaking move in late July, AJS’s Advocacy and Legal Advice Center in partnership with the Special Prosecutor for Corruption brought abuse of authority charges against the storehouse administrator, and a few days later she was arrested.

ALAC coordinator Ludim Ayala comments, “This is historic, it’s very rare for a public official to be arrested. We believe that this case shows that corruption has a price.”

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