Bianka Cabrera: Deciding to be Part of the Solution

  • March 8, 2017

*This story was first published, in Spanish, on APJ’s website. APJ is a Honduran civil society coalition led by AJS. The Evangelical Church, Catholic Church, National University, and dozens of other NGOs are also members. APJ was founded in response to weak security institutions in Honduras, and advocates for improvements in Honduras’ police, security forces, and courts.*


College senior Bianka Cabrera first heard about the Alliance for Peace and Justice (APJ) from friends from church. She was intrigued by the topics of security and crime prevention and decided to participate in the “Security 101” training offered in El Progreso, Honduras.

Bianka, who is studying to be a psychologist, is also an active participant in Red Viva, a nonprofit organization that is part of the APJ platform.

“I knew that there were problems with insecurity in our country, but thanks to this training I now have greater clarity about the challenges that we have in the Honduran security system,” she said.

bianka2.pngAfter participating in the APJ training, Bianka says, she realizes how important it is to join forces to improve the country. “Now I realize that I can be a multiplier, someone who contributes to looking for solutions. As groups of citizens, we can come together to advocate for the benefit of our community.”

She’s now a leader in APJ’s El Progreso chapter, encouraging many of her friends to join and share her vision of a safer and more just Honduras.

“This is my contribution to being part of the solution and not part of the problem,” she said.

In 2015, Alliance for Peace and Justice started the training program “Security 101”, designed to equip leaders of nonprofits, schools, and churches across Honduras to carry out effective social auditing and advocacy to decision-makers within the security and justice system in the country.

“In front of so many problems that affect us, Hondurans should realize that it is possible to be part of the solution and make a difference. It’s true that young people are the future, but our work should start now. This is the moment to do something, and through APJ they teach us how.”

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