Call to Fight for Justice in Honduras is Echoed in the United States and Canada

  • March 8, 2017

US board

*This article is translated from Spanish. It was originally published by AJS-Honduras after the joint board meeting between AJS-Honduras, AJS-US, and AJS-Canada.*

Tegucigalpa. Seventeen years ago, a group of brave Christians from the United States and Canada decided to work for justice in favor of thousands of vulnerable Hondurans, and founded “the Association for a More Just Society” (AJS), the US counterpart of la Asociación para una Sociedad más Justa (ASJ) in Honduras.


Since then, AJS has supported the work of AJS-Honduras through technical, financial, and prayer support.

This group of teachers, professors, lawyers, accountants, social workers, economists, journalists, psychologists, sociologist and philanthropists has been careful to comply with the God’s call to do justice and love mercy, and to bring this message to more people to join this fight in favor of Honduras.

“It is one of the most important works that I have done in my life. It is a privilege to be here, side by side with Hondurans. For us, the board of directors of AJS in the United States, it is a great privilege to have the tangible opportunity to work for justice,” said Peter Harkema, president of the board of directors of AJS in the United States.

Harkema recently visited Honduras with a group of 15 US Americans and two Canadians to hear about advances in the work that AJS-Honduras started over 20 years ago, and share experiences with the directors and collaborators of the independent civil society organization.

AJS is a Honduran organization that teaches us a lot, that motivates us to tell the whole world that justice is possible, said Russ Jacobs, from AJS-US.

“You should know that many people are receiving information about your work and have committed to pray for you,” added Maureen Hodge, also from AJS-US.

The North American board members visited communities in Honduras’ capital city where AJS has projects, and met with the coordinators and collaborators of different programs of the organization.

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They also met with the ambassador of the United States in Honduras, James Nealon, and members of the Special Commission for Purging and Transformation of the National Police, who also are members of AJS and the Alliance for Peace and Justice (APJ).

The Association for a More Just Society is an independent Honduran civil society organization, created in 1998 with the mission to work for a society where justice prevails, focusing on making the government systems work and be just, especially for the most vulnerable.

AJS-US was founded in the year 2000 with the goal of supporting the creation of a more just society in Honduras and around the world through the promotion of ASJ’s work, inspiring other individuals to promote justice and mercy as God has called us.

*AJS is proud to work alongside our colleagues in Honduras. Read more here about our history of partnership.*

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