Meet an AJS Supporter: James

  • October 30, 2015

AJS is an organization dedicated to being brave Christians in the face of injustice.

Bravery takes many forms, and giving away two-thirds of your money certainly qualifies as one — it’s also what nine-year-old James Baldwin did to support AJS.

The stories of AJS staff standing up to powerful wrong-doers left a strong impression on James when he attended an AJS event in Grand Rapids. After he returned home, he got out his wallet, gathered $50 from it, and told his parents that he would like AJS to use that money.

“It was kind of hard to do,” James said, with characteristic thoughtfulness and sincerity. “But you want the money to be where the Hondurans are and where they are having bad things happen.”

James’ father, Peter Baldwin, remarked that James’ donation reflected the generous spirit that James’ great grandmother had modeled for her family. AJS has seen that same spirit also demonstrated by Peter, who supports AJS alongside his son.

By giving away two-thirds of all the money he had, James made a sacrificial gift that became a meaningful reminder to our Honduran staff of the fearless love and commitment to justice that many AJS supporters like James also share.

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