Stepping Forward in Hope: A Timeline

  • December 19, 2016


Year after year, God has blessed our decision to continue to work towards his justice. Below are just a few of the key moments in the past ten years where we have seen the fruit of this hope.


Homicides drop by a third after one year of AJS intervention in a violent neighborhood. In the next 10 years, homicides will drop over 80%, saving an estimated 600 lives just in that community.


AJS founds a coalition to support transparency in the vulnerable Health and Education sectors. Over the next seven years, this coalition will eliminate thousands of ghost teachers, increase days of class, and transform the way medicines are purchased throughout Honduras, improving education and health for millions.


AJS comes together with Honduran universities, churches, and dozens of other organizations to form an alliance to speak out against violence and insecurity in the country. Over the next four years, this alliance will bring the theme of public security to a national stage, leading the call for reform in the police and justice systems.


The Youth and Family Project expands their community work to serve not only vulnerable children, but also their families, making entire communities stronger. In the next four years, over 700 children and thousands of family members will benefit from these programs.


AJS, invited by Transparency International to be their representative in Honduras, signs an agreement with the Honduran government to oversee five of the most vulnerable government sectors. This agreement will bring corruption and mismanagement to light, and achieve commitments from the Ministers of the sectors to implement in-depth reforms.


The work of AJS expands to Honduras’ second-biggest city to continue investigating homicides in the country’s most dangerous neighborhoods. In one year, this work will contribute to a 50% reduction of homicides in the area, and the success and bravery of AJS staff will draw international attention.


AJS staff members are appointed by the president of Honduras to a Commission that will restructure and reform the Honduran police. In seven months, they will remove over 1,700 corrupt and criminal officers from the force, including hitmen and gang leaders who had masqueraded in police uniforms. They will lead the development of a new, reformed police that can finally serve and protect the Honduran people.


AJS steps forward in hope into this New Year, believing that God has called us to continue to bring about his vision of a more just society through the decades that are to come.

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