AJS Releases Corruption Reporting Phone App in Honduras

  • April 20, 2016

Millions of Hondurans suffer from corruption and its effects, often without a safe or effective way to report when it happens. But thanks to AJS, Hondurans now have an app for that.

An official demands a bribe from you? Someone is trying to force your family from their home? The local medical clinic is acting suspicious? You can now report the act anonymously through your phone.

To build the app, AJS worked in partnership with the world’s leading anti-corruption organization, Transparency International, and the Honduran Attorney General’s Office. When reporting a case of corruption, app users can include evidence with photos, videos, or documents. The user also has the option to remain anonymous or submit their identity. All user information is kept completely confidential.


After submitting a case, users can also check on the case’s status. The cases are submitted to the Attorney General’s Office and AJS will monitor the cases through its Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (ALAC).

“It’s a good thing this app exists. I don’t doubt that I’ll use it,” wrote a reviewer named Horacio in the Google Play Store, where the app has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 after its launch weekend.

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British Ambassador to Honduras Carolyn Davidson with the app

British Ambassador to Honduras Carolyn Davidson and an official from the Honduran Attorney General’s Office joined AJS at a presentation app on its launch date.

“Transparency is not an isolated theme,” Ambassador Davidson said. “It goes hand in hand with the market economy, the recognition of individual liberties, strong democratic institutions, and total respect for Rule of Law – all of these are synonyms for development.”


TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers were all in attendance for the presentation.

“This is another effort that we as a society are making to continue in this fight,” AJS-Honduras President Carlos Hernandez said. “The fight is substantial, but together we can reduce impunity in Honduras. We must continue to demand that corruption be attacked directly.”

The app can be downloaded through both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store (though there may be issues downloading it from both stores outside of Honduras).

The name of the app, “Dilo Aquí Honduras,” translates to “Say it here, Honduras.” It was built with support from the British government and help from Transparency International Venezuela, which has developed a similar app.

This effort follows AJS’s ALAC project opening a corruption reporting hotline in 2014.

Since its inception, ALAC has received around 800 complaints, of which more than 200 cases are being monitored, four are being prosecuted, and three are in the process of prosecution by the Attorney General’s Office.

Two days after the app’s release, 16 corruption reports had been filed.

Here are what some other reviewers in the Google Play Store said:

Review title: “Hope”
“We hope that this works and that my beautiful country continues in a better path.” –Hector

“Excellent! There are many ways to eradicate corruption. Let’s make the most of this tool!” -Suyapa


AJS staff at launch of app

Here’s a statement about the app from the British government.

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