Join us for our Virtual Celebration of Justice!

As we stay close to home over the next few weeks, we invite you to join us through a virtual celebration on April 16 and through various virtual activities over the next month.

Twenty years ago, we hosted our first AJS Celebration of Justice event with a handful of people in a board member’s backyard, and we baked homemade pies for dessert. As this annual event continued to grow, we continued to make homemade pies until guest count exceeded 400 guests and we couldn’t bake fast enough!

As we are asked to stay close to home during this time, please save April 16 as a night to virtually celebrate with us at home by making a pie and participating in video and Facebook Live events.

In addition to a virtual live event on April 16, over the next month, we will provide virtual ways to celebrate justice with us at home with your families including pie recipes, designing thank you cards with your kids, and joining us in praying for justice.

April 16

Coming soon!