wolterstorff_0.jpg"What has also struck me about [AJS] is their imagination: they imagine new ways of prodding and assisting the government to do what it should be doing, new ways of standing alongside victims," wrote philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff after one of his visits to Honduras to observe the work of AJS.


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You can also read a previous reflection from Dr. Wolterstorff's first visit to AJS, in which he shares, "I had witnessed first-hand the work of a thoroughly indigenous organization which, in the name of Christ, defends the cause of the 'downtrodden' and, with great tenacity and courage, both insists that the government bring to justice those who have wronged them and assists government in doing so."

Nealon_James_square.jpg "AJS is probably the most important civil society organization currently operating here [in Honduras]," said James Nealon when he was the U.S. ambassador to Honduras.

“[AJS] is an organization that we in the United States embassy and the United States government partner with in many very important ways. Their commitment to this process and their commitment to this country is unwavering. I’m just very privileged to have the opportunity to work with them and to be able to support them."



Sandra Ponce.jpg

"AJS didn't just join with others in calling for justice, but worked with us the whole time in our investigations that in the end resulted in convictions for Dionisio's killers. .... AJS helps us by giving logistical support and assistance in getting the evidence we need in carrying out our investigations," said former Honduran special prosecutor for Human Rights, Sandra Ponce.

Watch the entire interview with Ms. Ponce on YouTube.



lucarenda.jpg AJS's workers "are among the best, the bravest, the most honest and most committed people I have ever met," said Luca Renda, the former United Nations Representative in Honduras.

Watch the entire interview with Mr. Renda on YouTube.




leroy-2.jpgAJS is an "example of the 'practical hope' we have in the renewing power of Jesus Christ. Witnessing this courageous renewal work in Honduras inspires and moves me," shared Calvin College President Michael Le Roy during a visit to Honduras.




Oscar_Chincilla.jpgAJS’s posture towards the Honduran Attorney General has frequently been critical – but he has also recognized the valuable constructive support that we have offered. “The Association for a More Just Society I believe has taught us a lesson,” said Oscar Chinchilla, Attorney General of Honduras from 2014-2018, “You can sometimes point out things that are bad; but you can also work hand in hand to make changes and advocate for improvement.”




Escoto.jpg“AJS played an extremely important role in creating a culture of accountability in the Education system,” Marlon Escoto, former Minister of Education, said in a press conference. His successor, Rutilia Calderón, said, “The accompaniment of AJS to the Ministry of Education allowed us to have a more integral vision not just of the complexity, but also of the challenges and even gaps that the institution faced in the fight against corruption.”




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Jo Kaldeck, Journalist-in-residence at Gordon College in Massachusetts writes about what makes AJS different.


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