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AJS is committed to responsible stewardship of its funds. AJS and our partners undergo external audits each year to ensure quality, accuracy, and ethics of our financial management. Because of our commitment to transparency, AJS has earned the GuideStar Exchange Gold Seal, as well as the Excellence In Giving's Commitment to Transparency Seal. AJS is also an accredited agency with the Better Business Bureau. AJS makes information security a priority, including adopting new technology to protect credit card information and has earned the RapidScan Secure site seal. You can view our privacy policy here.


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Annual Report

Our Annual Report for FY'18 (August 1, 2017-July 31, 2018) is displayed here.




  • AJS justice projects in Honduras are carried out by our Honduran partner organization la Asociación para una Sociedad más Justa (AJS-Honduras).
  • The Association for a More Just Society - US is constructing a new office in Tegucigalpa which will be the primary office space for the growing staff of our partner organization the Asociación para una Sociedad más Justa. More than an office, this building will be a home for those who seek justice and those who are working to achieve it - it will be a space where leaders in government, civil society, and social movements can convene around the big ideas that will transform Honduras. This building will be a safe and permanent space, a visible commitment to this place and to this work. The total project cost is expected to be $5,065,000. Excavation of the land began in April 2018; the estimated construction completion is August 2019. 
  • A summary of property and equipment at July 31, 2018 is as follows:

Land   $720,020
Construction in progress   $619,444
Total    $1,339,464

Annual Report of AJS-Honduras



Audited Financial Statements



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