AJS-U.S. Staff

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Dana Kroll
Executive Assistant


Kate Parsons
Director of Communication


Comfort Sampong
Communications Specialist

Jill Stoltzfus.jpg

Jill Stoltzfus (VanBeek)
Executive Director



Alison Wabeke
Director of Programs

AJS-U.S. Board of Directors


Front row (l-r) Lee Boyd (retired, 2017), Maureen Hodge, Pete Harkema (In Memory), Steve DeHaan, Uko Zylstra (Retired, 2018), Kelli Schutte, Kim Lodewyk, Nina Balmaceda, Kurt Ver Beek,  Jo Ann VanEngen
Second row (l-r) Mike Goorhouse, Paul DeBoer, John Bron (AJS-Canada Board Member), Mark Veenstra, Scott Johnson, Mark Wagenveld (In Memory), Sharon Baker, Russ Jacobs

Not pictured: Jim Nealon   

Team in Honduras

Our US-based team works in tandem with more than 130 Honduras-based employees to pursue justice in Honduras. Our Honduras team (AJS-Honduras) is comprised nearly entirely of Hondurans and also has its own leadership. The work of AJS in Honduras has received international recognition for its effectiveness and creativity, and our US staff work to share the lessons of this work with others outside of Honduras encouraging others to heed the call to do justice. The website, in Spanish, of AJS-Honduras is asjhonduras.com.



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From the Justice Journal

"How to Solve a Murder in Honduras," a special series from AJS that tells the story of how criminal investigators, lawyers, police officers, psychologists, information analysts, and victims are working together to end violence in Honduras.